Cellular glass PINOSKLO is the best insulation choice

Cellular glass is a thermal insulation material, considered to be the best among the materials with similar purpose by many experts. It is waterproof, non-combustible, durable, has long service life, and at the same time it is eco-friendly. This unique thermal insulator is getting very popular in Ukraine since it is already renowned in USA, Western and Eastern Europe. foam glass ukraine Cellular glass is an universal insulation material used when other insulating materials are not suitable. It allows to solve almost any problem of thermal insulation, from common thermal insulation of walls to industrial pipe insulation. It is suitable for any building type, structures and facilities in housing and industrial complexes. Not only does it provide reliability to the insulated structure but saves money. After drawing up the cost estimate you will be convinced that you would surely benefit from choosing cellular glass as your thermal insulator. We are the only producers of cellular glass in Ukraine. Products of our company's LLC "NPP Technologiya" plant in Shostka are known not only in our country but also abroad. We, as the producer of thermal insulator PINOSKLO provide our products not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of Europe and Asia. This website contains all of the most important information about the cellular glass products we manufacture. If you need some specific details which are not mentioned here, you can contact us. We invite all those, who has difficulties in choosing insulators, for a consultation in our office. We will advise you which insulating products you should choose during the meeting. Our experts in cellular glass insulation can always find the best option of thermal insulation for you. Sales office of our company is located in Kiev, so you always have an opportunity to visit us.