Since the first day of the plant launch in Shostka we strive to achieve the best physical and mechanical properties of the product we manufacture. Today, we can proudly say that the foamed glass produced in Ukraine is one of the best qualities in the world!

We want to show you the way Ukrainian foam glass is manufactured, being ready to compete in the global market.

Foam glass of PINOSKLO brand is produced from conventional container and window glass that is used in everyday life. This is the point worth focusing your attention at, because unlike our European colleagues, we do not melt the glass ourselves, we use recycled materials, thus we take care about the ecology of our country.

So, after the recycled material is supplied to the plant, it is thoroughly cleaned and dried. After cleaning and drying, the glass is ground and mixed with foaming agents. As a foaming agent, we use pure carbon – carbon black.

Then, the resulting carbon black and glass powder is being filled into molds and sent to a foaming furnace, where the temperature is about 1000° C and the foaming process takes place, visually this process is resembling baking of bread.

The hot blocks after the foaming furnace are being released from molds and placed in an annealing furnace, where the blocks are being cold very slowly. As well as foaming, cooling demands much attention and precise process control. If the cooling process is a little faster than it’s permissible, they will just crack. If it’s slower, the foaming process stops and the blocks become unusable.

Further the blocks are cut off, and cut to the required thickness. The cut off parts are further processed into foamed glass gravel, which is a superior loose fill insulating aggregate.

Some of the blocks are used for the production of foamed glass coated with bitumen, as well as stucco foam glass.

After that, the foam glass blocks of PINOSKLO brand are being packed on pallets. Foam glass gravel is being packed in big bags. The finished products are being shipped to customers; some are transported to the warehouse of our sales department in Kiev, which is located on the street Elektrykiv, 4, and part of the finished products remain in stock in Shostka waiting for shipment to customers.

All products of the plant RPE “Technology” are certified according to Ukrainian and international quality standards. To review the certificates you can click here.

Availability of the finished products, as well as all the details you may need is accessible at the sales department by the phone: +38 044 428 75 33.