We are producers of cellular glass in Shostka, Ukraine. Our products are manufactured and sold under the brand PINOSKLO.

Currently, we are the only one Ukrainian producer of cellular glass. We are producing different types of products since 2010, which are used not only in the Ukraine but in other countries in the world.

Modern technology and large capacity of our production makes it competitive on the global level.
All our products are certified and supported by technical documentation.
Since 2010 the quality of our cellular glass PINOSKLO was tested in practical applications.
The best indicator of quality of our foamed glass for us is a continuously growing demand for our products.


The plant was opened on the August 2010. Design and installation of production lines was overseen by the experts with 15 years’ experience in the production of cellular glass. The construction was supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In the production of foamed glass, we use only modern technology and only environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) materials.

The main properties of cellular glass, which favorably distinguish it from other similar materials are environmental friendliness, durability and safety. That’s why cellular glass is rated so high, that customer demand for it is constantly growing.

Customers choose us, because we offer a high world-class quality but with Ukrainian prices. Every year we participate in the international trade forums, we have a number of diplomas with high marks for our products.

Due to the complex technology production it is available only in enterprises with large capacity.

There are few of enterprises such as ours in the world. That’s why it’s so valuable, that such production has appeared in Ukraine. We are one of the few manufactures of cellular glass in the world.

To buy cellular glass, or get consultation, please contact our sales office in Kyiv at: 4, Electrikov str. 04071
+38(044) 428-75-33
+38(044) 428-75-34