While the costs on electricity grow higher, the topic of efficient energy usage is more relevant then ever. That’s why building magazine “Ideas for Your House” hosted a meeting in designing bureau ODESD2 on the 5th of November, where leading Ukrainian architects, engineers and designers had gathered.

Magazine “Ideas for Your House” had organized lecture and debates dedicated to energy efficiency. Also, during the event, there was a presentation of special issue of magazine “House energy efficiency” where following questions were answered:

  • What news are on thermal insulation markets?
  • How to select your thermal insulation correctly?
  • How to insulate existing house properly?
  • How foundations are insulated?
  • What is the best way to insulate a wall, inside or outside the house?
  • How to insulate communications network?

Amongst the invited speakers was Albina Nikonenko, head manager of our company. She told the audience about general world-wide tendencies of increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings, and in Ukraine in particular. After all, energy efficiency is one of the most important tasks for modern Ukraine.

Albina spoke about the foamed glass brand PINOSKLO, its technical characteristics, application areas, as well as about the advantages of foam glass among a number of other insulating materials.

At the event, we have found that many designers and engineers did not know how to work with foamed glass. During the conference 2 design bureaus invited us to lecture and train their staff how to work with our material.

You can also invite our engineer to tell you about the foamed glass and its features, and to hold a masterclass on the installation of various types of foamed glass brand PINOSKLO.