In July 2015 our company carried out a large-scale re-branding. Several important elements of corporate identity were changed, specifically our logo and website.

On 7/15/2015, we launched a new website, instead of the old one (see photo below).
The logo of our company was also changed (see photo below).

Due to the fact that our production of cellular glass is actively gaining fame not only on the Ukrainian market but also on the global market, our marketers have developed a new corporate identity that will be easily recognizable. It was decided that product name should be transliterated Ukrainian word for foamed glass, which is “pinosklo”.

The new logo of our company reflects one of the main advantages of cellular glass – its exceptional ecological safety, which in all times was represented by green color. The color is both inside and outside of the house – this underlines versatility of use of our material as thermal insulation around the house.

Old logo                                                 New logo    

The new website of our company incorporates both an attractive design and important content.
Every person, who is engaged in the construction business, will find here an interesting information about the cellular glass, aid in choosing the right type of material, physical properties of the material, its areas of application, installation technology, and even more.

Old website

New website

foam glass

We are confident that this re-branding will help both Ukrainian construction companies and companies from around the world to discover the Ukrainian product, to see that it is competitive in regards to quality, properties and cost.