On October 12 in Warsaw an international exhibition and conference RIFF, dedicated to roofs, facades and flooring was held. This event takes place every year and gathers within its walls more than 200 architects, designers, leaders of the construction market and the companies providing solutions for facades, roofs and insulation from all over Europe.


For the first time in the history of the event its participant became a Ukrainian company. It’s a great honor to us to represent Ukraine in the international arena, so we approached the question of organization with a great sense of responsibility. The main objective of our company at this conference was to convey to the European colleagues that Ukraine produces foam glass of high quality, ready to compete with global producers.


During the conference there were two spaces functioning – the exhibition hall and the conference room. Yurii Nevedomskii the Director of “Tekhnologia” Research & Development Enterprise delivered a speech and told the audience about our plant, the variety and quality of our products. After that, everyone could see PINOSKLO brand foam glass samples in the exhibition hall. We are proud to say that at the end of the conference, our stand was one of the most popular. The news that Ukraine has a foam glass production of high quality, created a furor among engineers, designers and construction companies. We have received a lot of feedback, pieces of advice and contacts.

Breathing out with relief, we can summarize that the tasks have been performed, and we are coming back to Ukraine.


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